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                  Welcome to bpvcontracting.com.  Since 1994 BPV Contracting Company has been crafting and delivering quality custom homes in New Hampshire.  Barry Van De Moere, BPV's President, and his staff believe that a truly exceptional custom home is a result of the collaborative effort between the builder, the client, the subcontractors and the vendors, with the client's preference always being first priority.  When it comes to building custom homes, we rely on our working relationship with our clients to transform their ideas into a new home that reflects their individual tastes and values.  We will produce a home for you that is tailored to your wishes.

                 Every fine home begins with the highest quality craftsmanship.  The key to our succes as been our uncompromising demand for quality and value.  Since our beginning, we have built an extensive relationship with some of the most qualified subcontractors an vendors in the region.  These long-term relationships translate into a better value and higher quality home that you will appreciate the day you move in and for years to come.

                                        At BPV Contracting we strive to achieve a pleasurable and simplified home building process for the client.  Our team will assist you every step of the way.  Through meetings with our clients, we help you envision your ideas and dreams about your new home.  An "open door" philosophy is encouraged at our office.  We are always eager to help with the many choices that face today's educated customer.  This process helps to streamline the task of selections eliminating much of the stress associated with the home building process.  Once final decisions and materials choices have been made, we will transform your ideas and dreams into a truly distinctive home.

        Our goal at BPV is to combine honesty and integrity with quality and efficient workmanship, at the best price possible.  This applies to all aspects of the building process from detailed and succinct specifications to final punch out.  We are a devoted staff with years of experience.  We stand behind our workmanship and strive to make sure every customer's experience is enjoyable and highly satisfying and at the same time providing a home that is as beautiful to look at as it is comfortable to live in.  We can turn your visions into a reality while giving you a quality home on time and within budget.                 

Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss building your unique dream home.  1-800-986-3711 or 1-603-726-3711.



"Building a new home doesn't have to be a journey that is complicated or difficult"  - Barry Van De Moere


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